Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jimmy Saville Costume

Jim Saville Costume
The official licensed Jimmy Saville costume is created by one of the biggest costume suppliers in the UK and Europe. The license is currently owned by Smiffy's of Gainsborough, who have designed and supplied the outfit to all of the online retailers and fancy dress shops that you will find the Jimmy Saville fancy dress costume in today. Which isn't many.

This is the only officially endorsed and licensed costume, and since the most recent news upon Jimmy's little know activities, the license has recently been dropped by Smiffy's and the costume will ceased being produced as of October 2012. If you are planning on dressing as Jimbo for Halloween 2012 you will want to act quick, as he is sure to be one of the most popular topical characters of the season. I fully expect the official Jimmy Saville fancy dress outfit to be extinct by November. Just like Jim. Sold on the Jim Saville costume already? You can buy the outfit in the UK while stock remains.

The Jimmy Saville costume comes complete with his trademark red string vest as featured in many pictures and as seen on television. It is sleeveless, boasts a generous hole to thrust your neck through and looks not too dissimilar to that which sir Jimmy would have actually worn.

The Real Jim
We also have a replica two-tone shiny long-sleeve jacket with a functioning zipper to the front, elasticated band around the base at the hemline, elasticised cuffs and collar. There are non-functional pockets at the front of the jacket with zippers. The jacket comes with two embroidered patches on. To the right side of the chest is a cartoon characterture of sir Jimmy with a giant cigar emanating from his lips and on the other side, an appropriate red logo saying 'serious fun' and if one thing is for sure, sir Jimmy was definitely about serious fun.

Also included with the Jimmy Saville fancy dress costume, we've are a pair of matching burnished trousers with an elasticised waistline with enough room around the crotch for movement. After-all, they can't be too a tight a fit can they? This is good if you plan to stuff something down the front. Namely, a vegetable, piece of cardboard or something else far more distateful, if that's what you're going for.

The combination looks superb and in appearance is remarkable in comparioson, it really does pass for looking just like sir Jimmy's most popular and well known costume.

The Jimmy Saville costume is hotly tipped to be the most popular bad taste Halloween costume 2012, just make sure that you get yours before they are all gone.

Jimmy Saville Fancy Dress Sizing

The costume comes in one size:
  • The jacket will fit up to about a 42” chest
  • The waist will fit up to about a 36” waist
  • The inside leg will fit up to a 32” inside leg

These sizes will fit the above measurement and those below comfortably. 

I think you should definitely consider getting yourself a white wig, round lennon specs and a cigar to complete the costume and personalise it a little more. Each item is available separately and is relatively inexpensive.

Price Comparison

To find the cheapest costume take a look on Jokers' Masquerade where you can find the cheapest outfit.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Playboy Roman Costume

Playboy Roman costumeBuy the Playboy Roman costume

Take a look athe the Playboy Roman costume, it is ideal to wear to a toga party or fancy dress party in summer. The costume looks great, it will look fantastic while you wear it and it is crafted to the high quality that a licensed Playboy fancy dress costume would need to be.

The costume includes a dress, contrastic golden coloured shawl and a Roman laurel headpiece.

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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Playboy French Maid Costume

Playboy French Maid CostumeBuy the Playboy French Maid Costume

A gorgeous Playboy costume that is perfect for a group of ladies to hit the town in. It is short, revealing and really cute and sexy, plus, who wouldn't want to be a bunnygirl?

The sexy French Maid costume includes one-piece black dress, attached apron, gloves and bow tie. Add some heels, sexy thigh-high stockings and a feather duster, all of which are available inexpensively separately.

This Playboy French Maid costume and many other sexy outfits are available in the Playboy fancy dress range.

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Clockwork Orange Costume

Clockwork Orange CostumeBuy the Clockwork Orange Costume

As featured in the cult 70s movie A Clockwork Orange originally based upon a book from the 60s, the Clockwork Orange costume is an almost exact replica of the Droog costume which the young gang would wear as they tourmented the public with their twisted antics. It makes an ideal Halloween costume.

The Alex Clockwork Orange costume includes a white coloured one-piece jumpsuit with long sleeves, a button-down front, attached straps and a pair of losse-fit padded briefs. The Droog costume also features a cane similiar to that which Alex would carry.

The A clockwork Orange Alex costume is new for this year's Halloween season, so rest assured that if you head out to a fancy dress party that chances are that you won't be wearing the same costume as someone else.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Silent Hill Nurse Costume

Silent Hill Nurse CostumeBuy the Silent Hill Nurse Costume

As featured in the survival horror video game series Silent Hill, the nurse character has featured in each of the games released to date. It makes a fantastic Halloween costume for the ladies to wear this Halloween season.

The Silent Hill costume includes a nurse dress, mask and hat. You can add the bloody stockings avaialble separately.

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

IT Clown Costume

IT Clown CostumeBuy the IT Clown Costume

Featured in the Stephen King television movie IT, the IT clown costume is a scary outfit to wear for this year's Halloween.

The Stephen King IT clown costume includes jumpsuit with pom-poms, collar and waistcoat, face mask with attached realistic looking red hair and white gloves.

This Pennywise Clown costume is an almost exact replica of the costume as worn by Tim Curry in the film.

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Slimer Costume

Slimer CostumeBuy the Slimer Costume

Here is the brand new Slimer fancy dress costume, perfect to were to a Ghostbusters party or as part of a group, you can have friends in Ghostbusters costumes chasing you.

The Ghostbusters Slimer costume includes a green pull-over top with attached gloves.

This one-piece Slimer Ghostbusters costume is easy to wear and is a quick fix if you need to be somewhere in costume. It features face and attached tail.

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