Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mr Blobby Costume

Mr Blobby CostumeAre you looking for a Mr Blobby costume? don't even think about Mr Blobby costume hire untill you've seen this cheaper alternative.

A lot of people do not actually realise that with costume hire and deposit it can usually be cheaper to actually buy the costume that you want to wear. Mr Blobby costumes are cheap, easily recognisible and are great fun to wear. Freely available in the UK, you could be sporting your very own Mr Blobby fancy dress costume this time tomorrow with next day delivery. Go on, take a look. Ideal for Fastelavn!

This Blobby outfit includes top, trousers and headpiece. Quite a clever costume design, the portly look is crafted with a tube on the interior of the costume. Read more with the Mr Blobby Costume

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